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  • Title: Infant cranium in post-processing

  • Post-processing from 7 years old child’s osseous head, from images obtain by means of CAT scan. We can clearly see regions in ossification process, like cranial sutures.
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  • Title: Dopamine receptor nuclei in PET

  • Striatum depicted by means of PET dopa. At the top of the image we can see caudate nucleus, and at the bottom the putamen. Orange regions are areas with higher dopamine retention, which means areas richer in D1 and D2 receptors.
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  • Title: 3D Clinical post-processing

  • Discover the power of postprocessing in clinical applications. Observe lung cancer in three dimensions; with models directly extract from real patients CTs. (Application developed by D.I. Abadía for Roche, in collaboration with Pedro Pérez Segura and D. Juan Arrazola García, MDs).
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